Rating 2/5

Heard a lot about this book, and at the start, the book progressed nicely and seemed quite interesting & promising, but gradually as I dug deeper, turned pages, the book really bored me, bore to the extent that I left it midway (which I hate doing !)

In case you are wondering if the book is about Buddhism, (which was the very first thing that hit me after hearing the title), it’s not, the book traces the journey of a guy “Siddhartha” who left his home in search of divine , in the journey he meets spiritual people like “Gautam” , and the book covers their spiritual talks, and how different people have different notions of achieving the  “divinity”

Since I didn’t complete the book, It would be totally a guess work if I try to extend this review further.

Anyway, I hope to complete this book in upcoming vacations. !


2 thoughts on “Siddhartha

  1. Well, to me, this book is a masterpiece not dıe to its technical feauteres but the implications of the what the main characters go through. In some universities in Europe including mine, the book is referred and reviewed in enlightenment classes. Sometimes, Enlightenment implies an inner trip to the dark corners of your soul and try to find universial values by the help of experienced and teachings of others. I read it like 20 years ago and liked it very much. Regards

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