Can I change my thinking?

Our Thinking is the reflection of what we read and what kind of environment we live in.

Below are the things which I have tried and definately have changed me a lot .

  • Friends ! we all have friends , and they are amazing, they make your life adventurous and awesome. But many times it’s the friend circle which impacts your thinking like nothing else . If your friends are alcoholic , than there’s a high chance that they will turn you into one , if your friends are reluctant towards studies , there’s a high chance that your attitude towards studies will change totally (&that happens a lot in college life).

Tip : chose friend circle wisely , never feel obliged to keep a friendship , leave the circle when you feel they are dragging you down !

  • What we read impacts us a lot , I have noticed that reading on Facebook and reading comments on news pages made me sad & angry , and the same things will remain in my mind throughout the day . In this era , we can’t totally stop using fb etc , best thing you can do this is unfollow the pages which share hate & non sense news like TOI .

tip : make a rule never to check comments on a news link. They are all full of hate and they will make you feel bad or angry for sure .

  • Watch awesome YouTube videos , watch TED talks , watch motivational movies like pursuit of happiness.

tip: stop watching things like big boss don’t watch news on TV.

  • Read good novels like Think and grow Rich , reading good Novel impacts like nothing else.

tip : make a habit to make short notes of the novels you read , so that you don’t end up forgetting the awesome things you learned after a month of reading the novel. And remember to chose a book wisely .

  • And most importantly don’t just remain on bed aimlessly , like a saying says ‘an empty mind is a devil’s mind’ , keep doing things , learn sketching , learn new language or just start watching Khan academy videos !

PS: edits are welcomed , feel free to comment or msg me Incase you want to discuss a thing. 🙂

Have a nice day ahead.


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