The Online Course-ware i did & currently doing

In present era , you can’t blame your lack of knowledge on your local college . Everyday thousands of lectures get uploaded on internet from colleges like IITs , MIT , CALTEC etc , your knowledge is simply function of your attitude & seriousness towards it .

I am using this page to share the MOOCs i did , & MOOCS i am currently pursuing .

Current MOOCs :



Completed MOOCs :

4 thoughts on “The Online Course-ware i did & currently doing

    • Hi Monica, glad that you liked that quote,

      By the way, I was wondering how did you reach this page!
      Actually, I had initially created this page, in fact a menu button too, but later I removed this page from blog (removing in the sense that I deleted the links to it from my blog, I didn’t want to delete the page)

      One of the ways to reach here can be by going really deep (nearly 2 months deep )into by blog page.

      So, how did you managed to view this page? 🙂


      • what can i say… 😛 i am good at digging deep i guess..also stalking is a skill 😛 not usually appreciated..
        i am kidding…
        I found a book blog by an indian on wordpress… that was reason enough to check out the blog ….also fast internet speed…
        dint really have to wait to check out older posts…
        I hope that’s not a problem , though:)

        Nice blog you have there..
        Will look out for your posts 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s great that you checked my posts! Finally, I can brag that there’s a person who checked whole of my blog 😛 ,

        The only reason I asked was to know if there is a “link to that page” left, I would have deleted that link too.

        I am glad that you liked my blog 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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