The purpose of life & Entropy !

Energy gets transferred from one form to another because it’s entropy increase .. so from high entropy form it’s gets changed to low entropy form.

But it seems weird that disorganised “Electromagnetic Wave energy” (eg: the sunlight !) change into a organised Apple will increase entropy , actually , during the change from Wave to Apple .. a lot of energy gets radiated into environment ! Hence overall the entropy increases !
It can be said that .. somehow molecules found way in form of complex reactions to increase the entropy overall ! And may be the life happened due to those complex reactions !
Hence it can be argued that life happened due to entropy only .. and in fact the purpose of life is to increase the entropy !
So from the stars .. to the life .. the flow of energy is completing its purpose , that it to increase entropy 🙂
Source of knowledge : Minute Physics
written by : Abhijeet 

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