A Study In Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes #1)


Rating 2/5

The first of the four Sherlock Holmes novels.
I had huge expectations from it, after all, it’s SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Since it’s the very first novel, It starts with the introduction of Dr. Watson & Sherlock Holmes. The character of Sherlock is well portraited. The plot was intriguing too!

Everything was going nice, Plot was crisp, Stage was all set and then …. like a rock part 2 hit me right in the face!

Part 1 is awesome, but Part 2 is lame, seriously lame. If Sherlock had not been famous, I won’t have even thought of reading any other Sherlock novel, now the only reason I want to read other novels is to know how a disastrous start was turned into one of the most famous series ever written!

After completing part 2 I was like:

after completing part 2 i was like

Favorite quote from the book:

  • “To a great mind, nothing is little,’ remarked Holmes, sententiously.”

13 thoughts on “A Study In Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes #1)

  1. Is this the one about Mormons? I think I enjoyed it, but it’s not the best. I recommend The Valley of Fear or The Hound of the Baskervilles, out of the novels. I hope you really enjoy the next one you read! 🙂

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  2. Too bad you didn’t enjoy the book. Perhaps you expected it to be more like the movies and tv shows? At any rate, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the picture you chose for your book review page. It make me want to dive in and start reading.

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    • I had great expectation from the book! But the part 2 of it , the mormor one is soo lousy, Infact if you Google a bit you will find there are soo many inconsistencies with the book. I really enjoyed part 1 though.

      Glad that you liked the pic . 🙂

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  3. Have to disagree, my rating would be 4 out of 5 at first I didn’t like the back stories but then I came to like the depth Doyle gives even his potential criminals.
    The sign of four and the valley of fear both have terrific back stories too. I especially like the curve ball in the vallèy of fear. Allornothingblog.co.uk I write a little analysing the Holmes Canon


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