Introducing Philosophy for Everyday Life: A Practical Guide


Rating: 4/5

Are you interested in philosophy?

Do you want to know the basic ideas behind Philosophy?

If yes, then this book is for you.

The book, just like the title suggests gives a nice introduction to philosophy. Discusses some basic philosophical questions with the reader.

At the start, the author explains the way this book is meant to be read, please follow it! One thing I liked about the book is that it not only gives credit to Philosopher for the idea but also briefly talks about their life.

Remember, this book isn’t meant to be read in a sitting!  You are supposed to think while reading, read less think more 🙂

This is the first philosophy I read. And it worked great for me. Though some of the chapters were boring to me, only a few interest me. But I can’t blame the writer for boring me, it’s the philosophy itself! The author tried his best to explain the ideas, before this I do have tried reading philosophy books & ended up just “trying”

The chapters which intrigued me:

chapter 7: I have my principles.

Chapter 9: You can’t do that. 

Chapter 10: I had no choice.

Though I was aware of “ship of Theseus” problem, The author explained it quite remarkably. (Same goes for other philosophical problems !)

I left few chapters, in the end, I must admit that it’s difficult to find a philosophy book explaining as vividly as this one. (I must admit that this is the only book which I couldn’t complete yet rated 4 stars)

It makes you think

I am going to read this book again in summer vacations.

My Favorite Excerpts:

“Do not waste your time on attempting the impossible, But how do we know what is impossible?”

“Questions concerns whether the way the world appears to us, to our senses, reflects or amounts to how it really is”

“Time is something we impose on the world. Time is simply part of the way in which our minds interpret the world.”

Thanks for reading!

Do you like philosophy? If yes, please tell me about your favorite philosophical problem!

I would be glad if you suggest me a book on philosophy 🙂

Have a nice day ahead!

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