World War 1: A History From Beginning to End (Hour History Series)

” Short, quick, boring, pile of date-wise world war 1 stats “

^ this is what the book is, If you hate too many dates like me, you won’t like this book.


It would have been better if the author had put all the dates at the end of the book, But he didn’t, which made this more boring than my academic history books.

Me exactly while reading this book:

The only reason to read it is: it’s available for free on kindle.

My take: Better watch some World War 1 documentary than to read this collection of dates!

7 thoughts on “World War 1: A History From Beginning to End (Hour History Series)

  1. Sounds like the book would be better off as a data base – so if you need to look up a date you easily can. My HS history classes were like this – memorize lists of dates of New World exploreres’ voyages, or memorize name and dates of Labor Laws. I thought I hated history, and didn’t discover it was interesting until I was out of school and read not-text-books.

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    • Same goes with nearly every other subject , from coding to physics , everything sucks when we are forced to solve irrelevant assignment in school/college .

      Ask any coder, (mark Zuckerberg etc) Not one would agree that they learned coding in school!

      Our school sucks!


      • Reason is easy, Education nowadays have become business, DickHead Politicians & Investors are chairperson/founders of College/Schools.

        I live in India, In my country before 1990s, 95% of education sector was under control of govenment, it was difficult to open private college, standard of schools and colleges was great (compared to today).

        After 2000, It became easy to get license from govenment to open private school, colleges & guess what all the investors poured their black money in opening school colleges thus making them white, and to make their school best in town they had to get make best results too, so to make great overall result of school/college they made their school focus on studies only, they started using books full of numecs not of theory, assignment became common, students were loaded with homework & were left with no time explore or read any book they liked. Though due to this students started getting high percentage but all they could do was to solve numericals , they can solve calculus but they have no idea what it represents in the graph !
        Due to great results, dickHead parents started sending their kids to private schools.
        Presently only 5% Indian children go to govt school.

        A study shows that the weight of school bag between 1990 & 2010 have increased by 500% ! Just think about it !

        Present situation, India produces about 25 lakh engineers per year, out of which 20lakhs can’t even explain working of capacitor.

        More or less the same happened world wide .

        The day education became business, we ruined the education. *sigh*

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      • Businessman are greedy, they won’t stop doing all this unless government stop making education private. I hope world governments would soon realise tha education sector needs reform.

        Sad part is, nowadays even top officials in government are businessman etc , we can’t hope from them ever.


  2. You might find this book more interesting, by a friend of mine. Focussed on people, not dull numbers: “The Great War: One Hundred Stories, Of One Hundred Words, Honouring Those Who Lived and Died One Hundred Years Ago”. Available on

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