How I completed the Goodreads Challenge, & other updates


Hie ! This post was meant to be written 15 days back, unfortunately, couldn’t do it all thanks to non-sense college assignments.


Those who are my friends on Goodreads must be knowing that I completed my book challenge 🙂  (yes, I am bragging :P)

This year I had decided to read 30 novels, now I feel that I should have taken 100 books challenge!

Last year I took 20 books challenge and had to read 4 books in the last week of December to finish it! I wasn’t expecting to read this fast, in fact, I was doubtful about finishing 30 books in a year!


Things I did differently this year were :

  • Didn’t spend time reading the books that didn’t interest me! I put off the books that didn’t interest me.
  • Created ritual for reading, I made sure to read for at least for 30mins before dozing off
  • Read a lot between boring college classes (it also increased my attendance!)
  • Started this blog! I believe this blog & its readers gave me constant motivation to keep reading! Thank you! 


I still have 1/4th of the year left, Now, I wish to read 100 books, but I have decided to read books which would help me academically. I would also be reading classics & other famous novels in summer vacations too but I would certainly try to read more of academic books from now on.

Basically, From now on, I would be reading the books which would be helping me in near future 🙂

My other plan for rest of the years include :

  • Podcasts & Audiobooks : I recently started listening to podcasts during transit, I loved it! Hoping to listen to several podcasts & audio books this year. I would also be adding a podcast column to my blog where I can suggest some awesome podcasts to my fellow bloggers 🙂
  • Robots ! : If you had read my bio, you must be knowing that I am electronics student, I love working with Arduinos, I am going to do at least 3 robotics projects this year (from July onwards), I am also planning to add electronics section to my blog where I can share my electronics projects with you 🙂


I don’t think I would be able to read as frequently later in the year as I did in these months, also won’t be able to update my blog regularly too (though I still would be spamming all your blogs with my comments :P)

As of now I have read some 33 books, And I am yet to write reviews for the last 3 books, I have exams from next week, which would last for two months! (yes, in india, we engineers spend 2 months writing exams every semester !), I believe I won’t be able to write any blog post for next 2 months 😦

Click here to check the books I have read this year


Thanks for reading!

I would love if you suggest me a book or podcast or electronics project in the comment section! Or just drop a hie! , also you can wish me luck for my exams!


55 thoughts on “How I completed the Goodreads Challenge, & other updates

  1. Nice job finishing your Goodreads goal! Very impressive, and it was a good idea to finish it early since you’ll be so busy with school. Good luck with your exams!

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  2. Thank you for the follow! Every year, I sign up for 100 books to be read, and I have never made it. I’m more behind than ever this year, but still plodding along. Congrats on hitting your goal, and good luck with your exams!

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  3. Congratulations on completing your Goodreads challenge! Meanwhile, I think I’ve read less than five books this year (this is also the first time I signed up for a reading challenge). Anyway, thanks for following my blog and good luck with your exams!

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    • Hey ! I wish I could read such big books! I have to wait for summer vacations to get enough time to dive into such books.
      I checked your blog, loved it ! & believe me it’s incredible that you were able to read those books while managing the three kids ! I wonder when did you get time enough to read !

      I am pretty sure that you would easily complete your reading challenge 🙂

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      • Thank you so much for your kind words and visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. With 3 kids, I rarely sleep. So I thought instead of staring at ceiling waiting for one of them to wake up, let me do something productive instead lol. My biggest dream now is to sleep for 10 hours straight. Maybe one day .. Thanks again! 🙂

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  4. As a former bookstore owner, I discovered that I could read and absorb, several books at a time. I usually have a one in the bathroom, one at my bedside, one on ibooks, one on Kindle, and one on going at the same time. If I have five minutes, I read. (Of course, I have no other obligations at present.) I am also a great fan of podcasts. My favourites include: “Serial”, “This American Life” (even though I’m Canadian), “The Moth”, “Criminal”, and most recently “S-Town”. Always happy to connect with other readers!

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    • I consider myself as slow reader too, it’s just this time I managed to read for hours each day during classes !

      I believe, we should read at the speed with which we are comfortable, there’s no use of reading fast if it takes pleasure of the book! Many sentences need to read over & over again to enjoy them ! 🙂


  5. Nice! I finished my 200 last month I want to say. I’m not sure if you have a library system but if so see if they are part of Overdrive! Some have audios & ebooks to borrow. For me I’m actually using my state’s library for better selection.

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    • Unfortunately I don’t have access to any library. I search on net about good books or podcasts and then I buy them ! I would love if you recommend me some 🙂

      Congratulations for your 200 !


  6. Great post. I found that having a blog helped me read more. Also stopped watching television in the evening to read instead. I changed my goal on the Goodreads challenge and think I am going to up it again soon. Good luck with your exams and keep reading x


  7. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I have recommendations, if you’re interested.

    Audio book: A Man Called Ove. Swedish author Fredrik Backman. Humorous, heart-warming, will bolster your social science studies.

    Book: 11/22/63 by Stephen King. A fictional look at the John F. Kennedy assassination, and so much more. Real history mixed with time travel. Riveting!

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  8. Great job with the 30 books! I didn’t reach my goal last year, but am pretty close to reaching it this year already. I decided to read 24 this year and have already finished 17. Good luck with your exams!!

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  9. Congrats on your amazing accomplishment! I’m currently reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. It’s a book about rejection. I’m learning a lot about myself, how to forgive and I’m really enjoying it. I’m also reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. There’s great tips in that for life in general. Let me know if you decide to check either of those out.

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  10. If you’re looking for podcasts, try Sh*town, Serial, The Moth, TED Radio Hour or This American Life. Also, good luck with exams and thank you for the follow!

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  11. Hi first of all….best of luck for ur exams
    One advice : read geronimo stillton books during ur exams . Though they are children’s books yett they are great stress busters……they r short nd full of fun illustrations .u will feel like a child again .

    P.S. – i know that was a big comment 😄

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  12. Thank you for finding my blog today! Seeing the date on this post of yours, perhaps you have completed your two months of exams. Yikes! I can’t imagine! Congratulations on that and on reading so many books! Every year I set a reading goal for myself. Some years I’m more successful than others, but I do find that it helps to keep me on track.

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  13. That list of books you have to read looks exciting. I’ve read a few of them (I’m bragging) and I’m interested in a lot of those topics. I’d never heard of the challenge. I’m going to look into it more. Is there a prize?hehehe. Podcasts…the complete guide to everything, cracked, I could go on but you’ve heard some that I like (MFM). Ciao


  14. We totally understand the struggle with trying to find time to read while taking college classes! Somehow school always finds a way to take over your reading life! We wish you the best of luck trying to reach your goal!

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