10 days, 10 movies!



It’s been so long since I wrote a post 😦
Fortunately, my academic session has ended and Look who’s back 😂😂

This year has been good to me, will talk about it in another blog post.

I didn’t watch a single movie this year, so I have decided to balance that out in the next 10days 😂

10 days are left for the new year’s & I have decided to watch 10 foreign movies (obviously with English subtitles) & review them, one each day!

I would love if you suggest me some! (I will add those to my to-watch list)

Here’s the list of movies I have decided to watch in next 10 days :


Oldboy (South Korean)

The intouchables (french

The lives of others (German)

The bicycle thief (Italy)

Nobody knows (Japanese)

Tokoyo story (japanese)

The seperation (Iranian)

Waltz with bashir (Israel)

Spirited away (japenese)

Leviathan (russian)

Amelie (french)

A very long engagement (french)


Let me know in the comment section if you have seen any of these!

6 thoughts on “10 days, 10 movies!

  1. I have seen Tokyo Story, The Bicycle Thief and Amelie. All three are beautiful reflections on different periods in time. Also, excellent movie choices. Have a good time. Would love to read your reviews on them. 🙂

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