Why you should give importance to your Sleep! (Speech)

//I delivered this speech on 27th Jan Loudspeakers meetup.

//this is unedited

Good evening,

It has been an amazing evening, Thanks for the beautiful speeches.

3-4 years back while preparing for university entrance, near the exam time, I felt that I need more time to study and blamed my sleep for wasting too much of my time. I came up with a mega plan, the plan was to sleep once in two days,  as my very extensive research showed that I spend 16 hours sleeping in two days if I sleep for 8 hours a day, but if I decide to sleep only once in 2 days, I would sleep just for 10-12hours, saving basically 4hours! I implemented the mega plan, and yes I got the mega results, I got severe headaches and I scored really really low in the entrance exams. No doubt, I was a fool back then and my foolishness lasted till for 2-3 years more. Until last year, I kept keeping my sleep at bay, Every night I would go to sleep around 2am and would wake up at 7am for college basically getting around 4-5 hours of sleep.

Also, according to various surveys, college going student sleep for 5-6hours a day on average while psychologist recommends sleeping for 7-8 hours for a healthy adult.

What I basically wanted to draw your attention to is that we never give importance to sleep which it actually deserves. The basic reason behind it can be the lack of awareness about the role of sleep.

The sleep is one of the most important processes in your body. If you are bodybuilder, then your body actually builds when you are sleeping, If you are a student, whatever you learn gets stored for long term while you are sleeping, if you are ill, your body immune systems fights with the germs while you are sleeping, in fact this is also the reason why we feel drowsy when we have cold flu etc.

If you are a teenager, you grow when you sleep! The children who don’t get adequate sleep are more prone to hindered growth.

We all are aware that brain uses around 40% of the total energy our body needs, But we forget that it also created a lot of waste which is cleaned when we are sleeping, basically while not sleeping we are just filling our brain with crap!

Sleeping less can change cause imbalance in your hormonal levels leading to thyroid, diabetes and what not.

And the list goes on and on.

Basically, the importance of sleeping after an exhausting day is similar to the importance of eating when you are hungry!

I hope now you fairly understand the importance of sleep.

But you need to understand the importance of complete sleep. Our sleep can be divided into 4 stages, light, moderate, REM and deep sleep.  Deep sleep and REM are very important to relax your muscle & for brain cleaning. And the major thing to remember is that it takes around 2 or more hours to fall into Deep sleep stage.

So if you are thinking of deciding to sleep in 2 intervals of 4 hours to complete your daily 8hr sleep quota, it is not going to work, because in each 4 hours sleep your brain won’t be able to complete the deep sleep it needs. So always try to have a complete full-length sleep.

Have you ever experienced falling from a building or falling a tunnel while sleeping, It is very common, and it happens when your muscles get relaxed too early and brain a clue of falling under gravity.

We lived without artificial light for thousands of years & hence our biological sleep cycle was decided by daylight and hence our body has sleep-inducing hormones  (Melatonin & based on the amount of light we see.  We fall sleepy when we have a high level of Melatonin but nowadays we are constantly using our mobile phones and all, and that tricks our brain into believing that there’s still daylight & it hinders the increase in melatonin level, which implies who won’t feel sleepy!

A lot of people start using their phones etc. when they don’t feel sleepy, but the light from your phone is actually the reason that you aren’t  feeling sleepy in the first place! And the cycle goes over and over again, and finally, when you fall asleep your alarm clock starts to ring! And this cycle keeps on going every day and soon it starts to Detroit your health.

The remedy? The best remedy is to stop using your phone after 8 pm! It will really help you

Install night filter on your phone & laptop.

Millions of people suffer from insomnia, and you will be surprised to know that the leading cause of insomnia is not stressed, it’s the over the use of your phone etc. ! 30years back, insomnia wasn’t even a commonly known term and nowadays people on Instagram use tag “insomnia” like a badge of honour!

I would be speaking on insomnia in a future meetup. As there’s no time left.

Remember the story I told you at the start that I tried sleeping once in a couple, actually, I was motivated by reading online articles about famous people who used to sleep less. Even now if you google about Elon musk or Narendra Modi, you will find websites claiming that they sleep pretty less, is it true? Maybe. But one thing is definitely true for all the people who sleep less, and it is, THEY NEVER EVER TRIED TO CONTROL THEIR SLEEP. It is just something which somehow becomes natural to them. So stop forcing yourself to sleep less.

Think of sleep as a medicine your mind needs to work actively.

I hope my talk on sleep didn’t induce sleepiness in you. I have tried a lot of idiotic experiments on my sleep because wasn’t aware of its real importance.  I fall for click bait articles which claimed that controlling sleep is okay.  I started feeling a lot better and a lot productive the day I stopped trying to play with my sleep.

I hope from now on you will give sleep the attention is really deserves.

Thank You 🙂

11 thoughts on “Why you should give importance to your Sleep! (Speech)

  1. Yes, indeed, a good sleep is extremely important to your overall well-being, mentally and physically. After prolonged sleep deprivation, the body’s hormone production goes awry. The body over-produces the stress hormone, cortisol, which can then break down cortisol in the skin. This means that, over time, living on little sleep can effectively put years on your face by adding under eye bags and fine wrinkles. https://www.dreams.co.uk/sleep-matters-club/what-happens-to-your-brain-during-sleep-deprivation/
    While in Alaska during the summer, when there was no real darkness, only twilight, I noticed a huge relief in my body when we got back home, and the night was all dark. We really function better on the full day of light and then full night of deep darkness. Forgetfulness, depression, even hallucinations occur if you become sleep deprived.

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