The Tree of life (speech)

//I delivered this speech on 18th Feb Loudspeakers meetup.

//this is unedited

//the whole speech is my work, and if you are going to use any of the parts of it, make sure to link this blog page to it 🙂


Imagine a tree. A really big, dense tree. So long that no matter how much you climb, you can’t reach its zenith. It has innumerable branches!
The tree is laden fruits of all kinds, some small some really big, some bitter while as some sweet as anything can be! Most of the big fruits are at the very top while the small ones are mostly at the bottom.



A bunch of monkeys live in on the tree. Every day they wake up and go on the hunt for fruit.
Nearly everyone aims for those big fruits but while climbing the tree they see those small fruits which are so easy to get. And nearly all monkeys end up eating those and hence they never ever get the big fruits and this happens every day.
Every day the monkey decide that today they are going to climb the tree and would only stop when I reach the big fruit but soon they get distracted and attracted by those small fruits and this goes on forever!
As many of you have guessed by now that the monkeys are nothing but us, The tree is our life and the fruits are the thing which we consider as achievements. The big fruits are nothing but the big goals you have like being a professor or a motivational speaker, while small fruits are things like Instagram followers or just watching a movie, basically things which give happiness in short time.

We all live in the tree of life. We sleep on its branches and every day we continue our journey towards the zenith of the tree ie, towards our main goals. For example, A guy who is preparing for university entrance exams decides to study full day, the entrance exam is one of those big fruits for him. But while he is studying, he gets this social media notification and he gets distracted and starts to use it, this is him going for small fruits, as social media gives us temporary happiness! And it happens every day, after a year, the guy finds him on the same branch he was a year before as he never moved all he did was he got addicted to the happiness he gets from getting likes on social media. Same goes for watching movies and TV series!
A lot of people, keep changing their branch in search of the best fruit (ie, they keep changing their field), that’s okay if they are moving up the tree, but it rarely happens, most people keep changing their branch forever in their life!
And there are people, who keep on climbing the branches, they can’t see the big fruit as the tree is so dense but they keep moving with a hope that maybe the big fruit is behind the next leaf! And they keep moving!
No doubt that they are the one who keeps moving gets the biggest fruits!
Remember the first case? The guy who gets distracted by those small fruits, this is the story of most of us! And we need to fix it, and how are we going to do that? Well, one of the ways it to stop even looking at those small fruits when you stop looking at the fruits they won’t distract you. Basically, if you watch movies or series, delete all of those! If you use Instagram and all, totally delete the profile! This approach can work if you are dedicated.
The other approach can be, to make sure that you are moving forward. Eat small fruits as they make you feel good but track your position on the branch every day and make sure that you are progressing every day! And this is very important, a lot of people get easily distracted while doing this, if you feel that it’s very difficult to control an urge to use social media less, go for the first option just delete it!
Like I said, there are infinite fruits in the tree, but you can only get those if you keep moving and being less distracted by those small fruits.

Keep moving is the main thing, even if you can’t see the fruit, even if you feel lost, even if your fellow monkeys tell you that you are crazy, keep moving! You will definitely find the fruit!

I hope that today onwards when you go home who will ask yourself that on which branch are you and are you actually moving or you are just stagnant on one branch taking pleasure of those small fruits!

Remember that once you got those big fruits you can get those small fruits anytime! but if you kept feasting on those small fruits you will never ever get chance to get those big fruits.

Decide for yourself!

One of the monkeys got big fruits. And when the other monkeys asked him how he managed to climb so far, he said “Well I don’t know, I just kept moving” , he was speaking the truth but he didn’t mention about the times when he fell from the branches broke his ribs, didn’t sleep for nights as was climbing the tree, and kept on climbing even under the rain ! The other monkeys talked with each other and concluded that if the monkey kept moving, there must be something forcing him, they called it “passion” & all the monkeys assumed and decided that they are not getting big fruits because they haven’t found the passion yet. And all of them stopped hustling, just kept waiting for the passion to hit them as if passion is some coconut on some coconut tree which will fall on them automatically.

All the monkeys lived happily and kept on blaming the lack of passion for their failure in getting the big fruits.
I hope you aren’t one of those monkeys!


Thanks for reading, I am looking forward to your beautiful comments!

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