A Moment | Poem

I was walking down the street
Listening to breeze through the trees.

And that was when I heard her giggles.
She passed by me as if a ripple.
Her giggles made me cripple.

I turned around only to see her walking away from me.
She was on the phone
But I was already in love with her tone

Certain pain gripped me.
The thought of never hearing her again crippled me.

I thought of going to her
‎but realised maybe she is having a wonderful moment of her life
and I might end up destroying that for her

I stood still
Unable to decide.
The breeze stopped
Maybe by seeing my plight

I saw her going,
Like raft rowing

Were the giggles for me? That’s the only thing now I want to be for mine!

Yes they were for me, my eyes shined


Who cares if they weren’t
I had a moment, That’s what matters
For the life which is full of such things,
Those with such moments are the actual Kings.


I like to write poems using simple words about things which everyone can relate you.

Let me know your views in the comment section below 🙂

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