Black & White (Speech)


Black & white

What comes to your mind when I say Black & white,  two colours totally different, they are like the extremes, like totally opposite ends of a magnet.

And this is how we take things in our life. We have friends & enemies, we have people who love us & those who hate us. We try to define our personalities as introvert or extrovert, boring or funny and so on. Someone is beautiful or ugly and I can go on and on

People even label themselves others as pessimistic and optimistic!

I want you to take a moment to convince yourself that these are just extremes like black or white!

We like talking about extremes because it’s very easy to define & everyone around us talk in that way only.

And this, in fact, leads to the biggest fallacy of our understanding of life.

Remember, when the person you believed the most disappointed you, and you spent all the night thinking about how can someone who loved you can do this. We all argue at some point of our life, that people change with time, do they? Or it’s just a fallacy in our way of thinking.

My friends, There are no extremes in real life, we as a person are not black and white, we are someone between them, In shades of grey! I might be towards the good end, but still, there will be some part which when happens will make me appear bad!

No one is good or bad, it totally depends on the person and the situation, so better stop labelling with extremes.

It helps a lot when you know that your friend might turn into an enemy even if there is 1% chance, so if that ever happens it won’t hurt you because you understand that this is how life is!

When your lover leaves you with nothing, you won’t spend your life blaming him or yourself, because you will know that unfortunately, this is what life is!


I really like this way of thinking where we take a person not as good or bad but as someone in between!

The absence of extremes also plays a lot of role in science.

For 400 hundred years, Great physicists like Newton argued light to be made of particles or others argued that it’s simply a wave, they were arguing about extremes but it turned out to be both!

It just depends upon the event whether it will act like a wave or particle.

A million electrons which make you isn’t a particle or a wave, it’s both! Again it depends on the experiment that how it will behave.


The famous Chinese symbol, ying-yang

Related image

Is also interpreted as, “there’s always some good in bad and some bad in good” (White colour = good, Black colour = bad).

So next time, when you meet someone whom you believe to be your enemy remember that one day he might show up his other side and become your friend.


Life is beautiful my friends, don’t let these extremes ruin it.

I delivered this speech at 25th March The Loudspeakers’ Meetup

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


5 thoughts on “Black & White (Speech)

  1. As far as my understanding goes, yin and yang is actually defined as the importance of balance in life. You need to be kind, but not too kind. You need to be confident, but not too confident. It is not saying that the world is black and white. But I completely agree with you about us seeing extremes in the world and basing our perception of reality on it. Most things are in many shades of grey. However, of course there are some actions which are always good or always bad. For example, killing someone is horrible. Of course, you can look at circumstances (like the fact that someone was trying to hurt you and you defended yourself, resulting in their death), but that does not make the action itself good. So, for the most part, people are in grey, but actions are more often in black and white. Just an interesting thought! I really enjoyed reading this essay (or speech, I guess)!

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    • Hey!
      There is a lot of interpretation for ying-yang, the one you mentioned is also one of the famous ones out there.

      I wasn’t trying to define an action as black and white, but an individual. Killing an innocent is definitely black but the person you did it might have some mental problems etc! The person might turn into a good person in future, who knows.

      We all are somewhere in the grey, some towards the whiter end some towards the darker end.

      I delivered this as a speech, so I kept it as speech even in the blog :p

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  2. As you can see that, my Blog is Melanin (Dark or black) and Albinoid (Lighter or white) we are all created uniquely to be great original with free will to decide right o wrong and I believe we should make wise judgement in all we do in life.

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