A Moment | Poem

I was walking down the street
Listening to breeze through the trees.

And that was when I heard her giggles.
She passed by me as if a ripple.
Her giggles made me cripple.

I turned around only to see her walking away from me.
She was on the phone
But I was already in love with her tone

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Things I didn’t say .. Things you didn’t listen ….


Things I didn’t say .. Things you didn’t listen ….

Our story would have been complete but I didn’t ask

We could have been together but I didn’t ask

I would been the one .. The one with you but I didn’t ask.

Things I didn’t say .. Things you  didn’t listen.

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Just A Dream



Being with u
Sharing the same realm ……
Just a dream…….

Moving together
Facing together the world……
Your world , my world
It’s a common world…..
Right now I am creating that world with my words ..
Soon we will do it together
With our words…
Those words will create a realm
Just a dream

Enjoying each others proximity
In Delhi’s toxicity !
Sharing the same cup of cappuccino cream
Well now you have a creamy moustache
I too have a mostache , I feel attach !
I wish to lick that cream.
No matter how Creepy it sounds .
But it will make u laugh
When you read this poem half !
Waiting for that day like a calf
And then I will beam !

Just a dream !

Talking over the phone
Unware of the night fall…..
Chatting till the roommate screams…..
Just a dream

Sharing  the food
No matter How bad it tastes….
Laughing till the cheeks hurt
Seeing ur face gleam …….
Just a dream…..

Hiding in your home
To wish you for your day
Peeping out at 12am
Seeing your eyes beam ……..
Just a dream

Hands in hands
Fingers tickling
Both giggling ….
Taking advantage of scary  house 😮
Until u see a mouse…
Now me taking  advantage of your fear
As you come near …
Face brushing ..
Blood rushing ..
Until the scary house manager scream !
“It’s been an hour , are you alive or I need to turn on the lights ,you young breams !

Just a dream !

They say dreams do come true .
What about this dream ?
Is it Just a dream !