How I completed the Goodreads Challenge, & other updates


Hie ! This post was meant to be written 15 days back, unfortunately, couldn’t do it all thanks to non-sense college assignments.


Those who are my friends on Goodreads must be knowing that I completed my book challenge 🙂  (yes, I am bragging :P)

This year I had decided to read 30 novels, now I feel that I should have taken 100 books challenge!

Last year I took 20 books challenge and had to read 4 books in the last week of December to finish it! I wasn’t expecting to read this fast, in fact, I was doubtful about finishing 30 books in a year!

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The purpose of life & Entropy !

Energy gets transferred from one form to another because it’s entropy increase .. so from high entropy form it’s gets changed to low entropy form.

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