The perks of being a wallflower | BookReview



The only thing I regret after reading this book is not reading it before!

This book was on my reading list for years and I made sure not to watch the movie. (because for me movie spoils the characters I mould while reading the book.) Finally this week, some of my friends tried leaking the story to me & that’s when I decided to read this book before letting them spoil it!

And I am so proud of deciding to read it, and more than it, for not watching the movie! The characters are amazing and relatable. The quotes just make you think a lot!

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The Tree of life (speech)

//I delivered this speech on 18th Feb Loudspeakers meetup.

//this is unedited

//the whole speech is my work, and if you are going to use any of the parts of it, make sure to link this blog page to it 🙂


Imagine a tree. A really big, dense tree. So long that no matter how much you climb, you can’t reach its zenith. It has innumerable branches!
The tree is laden fruits of all kinds, some small some really big, some bitter while as some sweet as anything can be! Most of the big fruits are at the very top while the small ones are mostly at the bottom.



A bunch of monkeys live in on the tree. Every day they wake up and go on the hunt for fruit.
Nearly everyone aims for those big fruits but while climbing the tree they see those small fruits which are so easy to get. And nearly all monkeys end up eating those and hence they never ever get the big fruits and this happens every day.
Every day the monkey decide that today they are going to climb the tree and would only stop when I reach the big fruit but soon they get distracted and attracted by those small fruits and this goes on forever!
As many of you have guessed by now that the monkeys are nothing but us, The tree is our life and the fruits are the thing which we consider as achievements. The big fruits are nothing but the big goals you have like being a professor or a motivational speaker, while small fruits are things like Instagram followers or just watching a movie, basically things which give happiness in short time.

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Mayan Civilization: A History From Beginning to End (hourly history)


Rating: 1/5

Want to know how much shitty a book can be? Try this!

Ancient civilisations always interest me. I love knowing about the past and I guess everyone loves it. Obviously, I was excited to read this, but all I found in this book was mini boring history book full of dates and other irrelevant stuff! (my academic history book is umpteenth times more interesting than this! )

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The Wide Window (Series of unfortunate events #3)


Rating: 4/5

If you are going to start watching the Netflix series, I would advise you to read the books first!

Though this book is bigger than other 2 parts, but it is a fast read. Yet again, The lucid language does the job!

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Introducing Philosophy for Everyday Life: A Practical Guide


Rating: 4/5

Are you interested in philosophy?

Do you want to know the basic ideas behind Philosophy?

If yes, then this book is for you.

The book, just like the title suggests gives a nice introduction to philosophy. Discusses some basic philosophical questions with the reader.

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Leonardo da Vinci: A Life From Beginning to End |Hourly History


Rating: 4.5/5

Great book! I have read about Leonardo Da Vinci, but this book tells more than any other.

The book gives the glimpse of life during Italian Renaissance era.

The best thing about ‘hour history series’ is that it is totally based on facts (not opinions) & is short enough to complete in a sitting 🙂

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The Best OF Diary OF A Wimpy Kid


Rating: 4/5


The best part about The Diary Of Wimpy kid series is the innocence using which the author encapsulates the mind of the reader. It’s not just the writing, the whole combo of language, sketches & the fonts cast the spell! I love fonts, it really gives the essence of a kid’s diary.

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The Einstein Theory Of Relativity | H. Lorentz


Rating: 3/5

Reasons to read this book:

• Written by noble prize winner H. Lorentz.
• Can be finished in a sitting.
• Available for free on kindle.

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A Study In Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes #1)


Rating 2/5

The first of the four Sherlock Holmes novels.
I had huge expectations from it, after all, it’s SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Since it’s the very first novel, It starts with the introduction of Dr. Watson & Sherlock Holmes. The character of Sherlock is well portraited. The plot was intriguing too!

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A Short History Of Nearly Everything

Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.jpg

Rating: 5/5


This is one hell of a book, It taught me more about science and life than any of the academic books I read!

I can just imagine the sheer amount of work and research put into this book. Not only it tells about science but also gives credit to the person or the group who first explained the phenomena.

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