Which are the best novels for teens?

These are the books which I believe would have done wonders to me if only I had read them a few years back (when I in school; basically when I was a teen)

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The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #2)


My rating: 4.5/5

The book picks up exactly where the first one left.

Yet again, the tone & writing of Lemony does the charm again, keeps you on the edge. It’s difficult to put down the book once started.
If I compare with the part 1, this one lacks a bit of thriller, but since it’s a series of some 13 books, and thriller alone can’t build up the story, it’s okay.
I love the book dedication part!
It reads
“for Beatrice – my love for you shall live forever. You however, didn’t”


I won’t talk about the plot, as it will kill the book!
Just know that you need to read this! This series is awesome!




And again, Harry potter left me enchanted & longing for more!

When you have seen the movie previously and then read the book afterward, it is obvious that the mind tries to compare the book and movie. In most of the cases the book wins and here the same thing has happened for me. I’ve already seen the movie a good many times.

The movie misses many interesting parts that are there in the book and it’s pretty obvious.

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What are your 5 must-read books?

I would strongly recommend these 5 books , in fact every person should read these !

Please don’t just read the first three books , absorb them !


this will give you motivation & will unveil you the power of desire.

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If I Stay

4.5 stars

Loved this book , this is one of those book will you take on rollercoaster of emotions , one para will make you smile but the very next para will send chills to the spine .

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Viral Loop

2/5 stars


The “title” and the “cover design” mend the perfect impression , good enough to make the book look exciting and promising. Continue reading


Rating 2/5

Heard a lot about this book, and at the start, the book progressed nicely and seemed quite interesting & promising, but gradually as I dug deeper, turned pages, the book really bored me, bore to the extent that I left it midway (which I hate doing !)

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