What books should I read to get a reading habit? (1 min read)

You can’t force a habit on yourself!

No book particular book can make you get the reading habit!

  • Firstly, Find the book that interests you, It can be Harry Potter or whichever you like.
  • Secondly, Make a ritual to read at a particular time, I read for at least 30 mins before drifting to sleep.

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Which are the best novels for teens?

These are the books which I believe would have done wonders to me if only I had read them a few years back (when I in school; basically when I was a teen)

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What are your 5 must-read books?

I would strongly recommend these 5 books , in fact every person should read these !

Please don’t just read the first three books , absorb them !


this will give you motivation & will unveil you the power of desire.

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